j2dcg Developpers Resource Page


Creating packages and moving classes

Moving classes from one package to another and creating new packages are important architectural decisions. Thus, they all should be approved by the admin before doing it. It may even be necessary to request services from sourceforge to manually move files on the cvs server. Thus be very careful not to add directories without approval.

Closing bugs and feature requests

When a developper is done with a bug or feature request, he changes it from Open to Pending and the project admin will review the work before changing the tracker to Closed.

Using Ant and Eclipse

You may encounter problems when using Ant and Eclipse. Be sure that Eclipse uses the JDK and not the JRE. You can force Eclipse to use a specific virtual machine using the -vm ...\javaw.exe option to force using the appropriate virtual machine.

Using CVS

CVS with Eclipse

To work with CVS, you need to:

  1. Right click on the project, Team, Share Project...
  2. Setup the CVS repository with cvs.sf.net, /cvsroot/j2dcg, etxssh

CVS with WinCVS and Putty

Follow the instructions on the SourceForge.net site.

Creating a Release

  1. Tag the files with the appropriate version number using CVS
  2. Use Ant and run the zip target
    1. Name the zip file appropriately with respect to version numbering
    2. Upload it to the web site
  3. Use Ant and run the javadocs target
    1. Zip the documentation
    2. Name the zip file appropriately with respect to version numbering
    3. Upload it to the web site


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