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J2DCG is a framework targeted for academic use, to reduce the amount of Java / user interface coding for assignments targeting both raster and vector graphics.

This framework allows the developer to concentrate on the computer graphics techniques that he's learning, instead of dealing with the complications encountered while designing an Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw-like interface.

This project is managed by Eric Paquette, professor at the École de Technologie Supérieure (engineering school in Montréal, Canada). Since the winter 2004 semester, students registered in the GTI410 course (GTI: Bachelors in Information Technologies Engineering) have been using this framework.

J2DCG is released under GPL and freely available here at SourceForge.

  • Eric Paquette (Manager)
  • Mohammed Elgahdouat
  • Colin Barré-Brisebois
  • Sebastien Bois
  • Jean-François Barras
  • Martin Poirier
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